Changes to my Site ~ Your Opinion Matters

Domain questionIt recently dawned on me how many ministries and arenas that I serve.  There are at least 5!  Several of them overlap and are related to recovery and healing.  I’ll share more about that soon with some exciting announcements as well.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to make some changes to my site to address the growing needs of my writing and these ministries.

I hope you’ve noticed that the tagline of Making Me Bold (noted above) is “Where healing turns to hope.”  I’m considering a new domain name to align with that and make it easy to find for key word searches online.  Don’t worry, I’m not moving my site or changing my current web address.

I’d love to get you involved in the naming process by answering the quick polling question above.  Feel free to comment at the bottom of this post with any other feedback on my site or suggested changes.

Ardis Nelson, December 2012Thanks for supporting my writing and ministry endeavors.  May God inspire you through it, to turn healing into hope.

Ardis A. Nelson
Author, Writer, Speaker, Mentor & Mom

Updated 5/23/2014: Polling is closed. And the winner is…  Thanks for voting!  Look for more changes on my site soon.

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  1. I like the ease of “healingtohope”. It’s easy to remember and summarizes quickly what you’re about.


  2. Good job Ardis! Maybe starting with the word healing because it seems that would be a much better first word for searches. That is why I chose it.



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    I'm an author, writer, speaker, mentor & mom. I've struggled to find my voice all my life as I lived in the shadows of a mother with mental illness. Thankfully that was not the legacy that she handed down to me. It took a lot of recovery and deep healing work to rise above it.

    I am thankful to God for Making Me Bold in the process. Now I use my writing and speaking voice to help others on their journey to turn healing into hope.

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